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Atlas Lux Works

- Reshades Reimagined -

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What is Atlas LUX WORKS?

- Free handcrafted reshades -




A lot of ReShades out there look great at face value, but hinder the gaming experience. Atlas Lux Works aims with every ReShade to hit a perfect balance between playability and awe-inspiring beautiful graphics.

tuned by pros

Atlas Lux Works ReShades are painstakingly tuned and tested by our in-house artists to ensure that the ReShades meet professional standards and deliver great experiences, unparalleled quality, and graphical fidelity.

100% Free forever

All of our publically available reshades are free, forever. Users can manually tune our reshades to their liking, and if they need assistance with custom tuning a reshade, we provide tuning services for a small flat fee.


Reshades for your games


We will take occasional polls to decide what games we should develop reshades for. Voted on by our users, we will create reshades for the games you play and love the most. Keep updated on our Atlas Twitter for future polls: