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Atlas Materials and 3D Design


What is AM3D?

- Affordable Assets With Stunning Quality -



64x less geometry shown


Gone are the days of blurry, low-quality materials. Each material is photoscanned using thousands of images, capturing as much detail as possible to ensure crystal clear and realistic appearances for our materials.

Non-PBR (left) PBR (right)

Physically Based

Our reflective metals and rough stones are made possible by our true-to-life PBR textures. All of our materials use these realistic textures, allowing us to create materials that look high-quality no matter how you use them.


Get up-close with our imperfection textures. Whether you are looking for fingerprints, scratches, scuffs, dust or grime, the imperfection textures we sell and bake into every material ensure your project has a personal touch.



AAA Quality


Inexpensive doesn’t mean low quality. We pride ourselves in making assets rivaling many popular websites such as Quixel Megascans, GameTextures, and more.



Tired of subscriptions forcing you use “tokens” to buy materials? So are we. Our store uses upfront purchases with low prices. Keep what you purchase forever.



All assets are consistently set to ensure that our materials are uniform across projects. Each material is hand-crafted to work with most 3D programs.


Materials for Everyone


We proudly support all major 3D programs including CryEngine, Unity, Unreal Engine, 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya and many more! Whether you’re working on games, VFX, ArchViz, or other 3D projects AM3D has you covered. Each material comes with all the maps you’ll need, meaning less time doing boring work and more time being creative.