Frequently asked questions


- pulchra revisited -

Q: Why aren't my textures 3D/have no depth?

A shader is required to be able to render the textures in 3D. For a guide on how to install Optifine to use shaders, please click here.


Q: What shader should I use for Pulchra Revisited?

While any shader with POM support will work, we suggest the Molly shader to achieve the full experience of Pulchra Revisited. Another option is SEUS (Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders) v10.2 and v11.


Q: Do you plan on adding support for more shaders?

Yes, more shaders will be supported as time goes on. The top priority is to get the pack caught up to the current version of Minecraft before this happens though.


Q: Why is my game crashing/not loading the resource pack?

You most likely forgot to dedicate more RAM to Minecraft. Please make sure you check the system requirements page for the correct amount of RAM needed for your resolution of Pulchra Revisited. If you do not know how to dedicate RAM, you can learn how to do so here.


Q: Why are there textures missing when I load the resource pack?

As stated on the Pulchra Revisited, and shop page, Pulchra is still under active development. Any missing textures will be added into the pack as time goes on.


Q: Where is Pulchra Revisited 2048x?

Pulchra Revisited 2048x is available upon request, please review our system requirements page before contacting.


Q: I downloaded Pulchra Revisited from GitLab but it's not showing up in game?

First, make sure you put it in the resourcepack folder in your Minecraft directory. Then, be sure that you unzipped it. This is required because Pulchra uses a modular system for customizability. Unzip the file you downloaded, and treat all the folders inside it like their own resourcepacks, and put them in the resourcepack folder.


Q: I can't find the download button on GitLab?

The download button can be found here as seen in this image


Q: I bought Pulchra Revisited when it was apart of Continuum Graphics. Does the move affect me in anyway?

No, the move to Atlas Graphics will not affect you in any way. Everyone's accounts have been moved over to our servers so they will still have the same access they did prior to the move.