Common issues and troubleshooting tips

Q: I didn’t receive an email to get my download/I haven’t been invited to GitLab yet!

A: Our automated invite system usually refreshes in 15 minute intervals, so please wait if you purchased before that time frame. If after 15 minutes you still don’t receive anything, please check your spam and inbox folders. If you are still having problems, please contact us on Discord or

Q: I got a 404 error when trying to open my GitLab link!

A: You will receive three emails in total from GitLab: one that is a notification for being added to a group, one that is a confirmation email, and the most important third email that has a link to set your password. Please check for all three emails in both spam and inbox. If the link to set your password is giving you a 404, please try using another browser. If you still have no success afterward, contact us on Discord or

Q: I don’t see Pulchra in my Minecraft resource pack list in-game.

A: Make sure to extract all of the folders inside the master folder of the zip file into your resourcepacks folder. The zip itself will not show up inside Minecraft.

Q: My Minecraft client crashes or throws an error at me saying I don’t have enough memory?

A: Check both the RAM and VRAM requirements for your pack version in our Minimum Requirements page. We do not offer refunds outside of our refund policy of 12 hours after purchase for mistakes regarding not reading the Minimum Requirements.


If you have any other issues not listed here or this page doesn’t help fix your problem, please contact us on Discord or at and we will be in contact with you soon.