Pulchra revisited system requirements

Minimum System Requirements for pulchra revisited v10.31.18:102

These numbers will fluctuate a bit with render distance, the world you're playing on and so on, and generally will go up as Pulchra is updated, as the pack is not yet complete, and more and more textures are going to be added as it's development progresses. We realize this is a lot, but not much can be done due to the way Minecraft handles textures. Screen resolution, shader settings, the graphics card you're using and settings within Minecraft can affect performance greatly. All resolutions of Pulchra Revisited run smoothly without shaders, any issues relating to them is out of our control.


Pulchra Revisited 128x

  • 600MB of free space

  • 600MB Video Card RAM (VRAM)

  • 3GB RAM


Pulchra Revisited 256x

  • 2GB of free space

  • 2GB Video Card RAM (VRAM)

  • 3GB RAM


Pulchra Revisited 512x

  • 4GB of free storage

  • 4GB Video Card RAM (VRAM)

  • 5GB RAM


Pulchra Revisited 1024x

  • 16GB of free storage

  • 16GB Video Card RAM (VRAM)

  • 41GB RAM


Pulchra Revisited 2048x

  • 40GB of free storage

  • 40GB Video Card RAM (VRAM)

  • 137GB RAM