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Pulchra Revisited supports a large variety of modules. No need to sacrifice customization for stunning visuals! Pulchra Revisited utilizes the latest advances in modeling and texturing technology to produce a new level of beauty and realism. All textures are photo-scanned ensuring the best quality and detail giving you a realistic result. Each texture supports parallax occlusion mapping which provides a new layer of depth to the surfaces of your world. Pulchra Revisited also supports both specular mapping and next-gen physically based materials which are being used in many AAA game titles. Pulchra Revisited proudly supports SEUS (Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders), Continuum 2.0, Molly, and many other shaders as time goes on.


Everyone's computer has different hardware and running capabilities, so Pulchra Revisited can be used in a wide range of resolutions, from 128x all the way to 2048x. To top it all off, Pulchra Revisited features biome-specific textures. Extra details or entirely new textures will be added to blocks based on their environment, creating more immersiveness and variety than ever before. There will be many more features added on, such as mod support, connected textures, and even a custom mod that will add many new blocks to the game. This resource pack is still being developed so many blocks will still have vanilla textures, not to worry however as it is frequently updated.


Pulchra Revisited features a customizable module system. This allows users to activate modules that will add support for their favorite mod or shaderpack. To use this system, its as easy as downloading the modules you want, putting them in your resource pack folder, and then enabling them in-game the same way you would do a standard resource pack.

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Before you go and grab a higher resolution, we recommend you give 128x a try. Pulchra is still in active development so blocks may be missing. 128x is the same as other versions just at a lower resolution.


Pulchra revisited 256x - 1024x

Ready for an upgrade? Make sure you check the system requirements page before purchasing!

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