Founded August 2018



Atlas Graphics is a growing team of artists and programmers who produce beautiful visual experiences in digital media. Atlas pushes the boundary of fidelity and immersion through attention to detail, specialized high-tech engineering and a high standard for quality. We strive to provide viewers with feelings of awe and beauty, while also contributing to the graphics communities in order to push the industry to an ever-higher caliber. The principles of innovation and craftsmanship serve as the backbone for all of our projects, and we work diligently to share these virtues with our patrons and peers alike. Our team is diverse and always expanding, picking up developers, designers, and creators of all different backgrounds, talents, and perspectives. Each project is run independently, with the lead artists having full creative control over their vision. However, all member of Atlas Graphics are united under this creed. With a blend of realized immersion and artistic style, our projects blur the line between fiction and reality, while retaining a beautiful artisan vision that creates a sense of pulchritude in the beholder. This perfect mix of artistic reality is what we endeavor for, and our mission is to provide this perfect blend for all who are truly passionate about excellence in computer graphics.



In early 2016, Joshua's foray into graphical arts was sparked by his need for a realistic texture pack with high-quality textures that worked with his favorite shaders. None of the texture packs that were available at the time fit his need for a truly realistic texture pack while working with the latest Minecraft versions. In a moment of clarity, Joshua decided to start his own personal project, which he called Pulchra. This original adventure into texture art and graphics gave him valuable experience in honing his skills with material and art software. Pulchra was a humble beginning to what would eventually become Pulchra PurePBR after Continuum Graphics took interest in his personal project. Pulchra PurePBR was a start back at square one with a goal of creating a better, higher resolution texture pack. After a few months of experimentation, Joshua stepped back from texture development after PurePBR didn't stand up to what he truly wanted Pulchra to become. After a break from development, his vision became clear for Pulchra, and he began again on his true vision for Pulchra: Pulchra Revisited. Pulchra Revisited has been the passion project of Joshua since December of 2016, and is the work of his true vision coming to life. In the Summer of 2018, a breaking point in creative differences with Continuum Graphics would change the path of Joshua's pursuits into the birthing of a new company, a group truly dedicated to the betterment of the graphics community. With the backing of his fellow community members and an inspiration to create high fidelity graphics without compromise, Atlas Graphics was created as a new home for not only his projects but a home for projects of all who strive to create better graphics experiences.

The team